Monday, July 19, 2010

Where are all my CLOTHESPINS?

Does anyone else seem to lose clothespins left and right???

Are you now wondering why in the heck I use clothespins in 2010, when I have a clothes dryer?

I use them as chip clips.  I know... smart, huh?

Well, clothespins come in bags of like 100.  So clearly, I started out with a lot of clothespins.  But somehow they are constantly disappearing from my house.  I know I don't have 100 bags of chips in my pantry {although, admittedly, at times it might be close}, and yet I have no pins left in my drawer!  Argh!!!

Now all my chips are getting stale.  Boo.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I go the cheaper chip clip route of using clothes pins also and I too can NEVER find one!

  2. ahhh ... good tip! if you can believe it, in the first year of marriage we had a HUGE fight over chip clips. chip. clips.

  3. Us too! We use them to "clip" everything in the pantry. So much easier to get in and out of the bread if it has a clothespin on it, instead of a twist tie, or those plastic things.