Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yours Truly Dear

I can't remember whether I found Yours Truly Dear or they found me, but I sure am glad that we connected.

Look at the darling stuff Jess and Darci sell:

Where do you live, and where are you from originally?
Darci and I both live in Utah. I am from Maine and she is from Idaho. Our respective husbands used to be roomates, which is how we met and became bffs!

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family.
Jess just graduated from BYU in Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation. She works for the Forest Service for the summer and is looking for a full time job. She's been married for two years and has a cat named Jay-Z. Darci goes to BYU and is taking a short break since she is expecting a little baby girl in August (her first child)! She's also been married for two years.

When and why did you start your business?
Jess started an etsy shop a while ago but didn't have much luck with it. This year Darci and I decided to join forces and really get our Etsy shop up and running. We both love sewing and basically any other kind of crafting, and we both love cute things. So by joining forces we are just trying to make the world a bit cuter :]

Jess and Darci donated a $25 gift certificate to their shop.  
This item can be found in the For the Kids basket.

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  1. somehow i saw that your blog was doing free sponsorships. i'm trying to remember whose blog it was but i cant remember...hmm... i'm glad too though! and thanks for such a nice feature :] we hope you make your $$ goal!!