Friday, February 18, 2011

8 Random Things

I was going to tell you 10 random things about myself this morning, but I have only come up with 8 and I have to leave to go take my niece to her My Gym class.

So here are 8 Random Things:

1.  I am 33 years old and if I stopped dying my hair it would be mostly grey.  I'm not kidding.

2.  I hate the color purple, but I wear it a lot.  I think purple looks nice on brunettes with brown eyes.

3.  Even though I do not have any fallopian tubes and I am on birth control, last week I actually thought I might be pregnant because my belly was so big.  In actuality, I think that the late night Doritos and candy for breakfast are catching up with me.

4.  I hated my wedding dress.  The night that I went for my final fitting I cried and my sister {who may be the nicest person on the planet} yelled at the Seamstress because she was only making matters worse.

5.  Two and a half years ago I woke up from surgery to be told that my doctor had to remove both of my fallopian tubes.  That night I was in my bed puking from the anesthesia and super sad that any chance of a natural pregnancy was now permanently removed, but I had my husband and my two best friends with me, and it is actually one of my fondest memories.  It was a moment in time that I will never forget.

6.  I keep telling Nathan that when we are exorbitantly wealthy I want him to surprise me by having Candace Olsen come and decorate my entire house.  He says he's sure she's not busy because Full House ended a long time ago.  I tell him that he is thinking of Candace Cameron and Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen, but I am talking about Candace Olsen.  We have had this same conversation multiple times.

7.  When I was in Junior High, my mom and sister won a contest to have a date with a Soap Opera star, Matthew Ashford who played Jack on Days of our Lives.  They had such a great time on the date, that we were all invited to come to a taping on the closed set of the show.  So I have been to Salem.

8.  My very first job was passing out balloons as the Easter Bunny at our local Hallmark Store.


  1. Enjoyed the randomness! :)#6 is pretty funny, especially since you have to have the same convo every time ;)

  2. Okay, since it was my daughter who interrupted your flow of thought, I will take it upon myself to finish your list:

    #9 - I was in my grandparents' wedding. After 40 years of marriage, my grandparents divorced (grandma married someone else, he died...) and then remarried. I carried a bouquet...
    #10 - I was rushed to the hospital in in the middle of the night while visiting podunk Moab, Utah (sorry all you Moabites!) with severe abdominal pain. Turned out to be a twisted bowel. Might have been caused by the entire canister of cashews I consumed earlier in the evening. The hospital had to call THE doctor in Moab and wake him up to come exam me.

    By the way, I was going to make the last two sweet and sentimental, but Kevin said they had to be funny!

  3. By the way, I should have mentioned that I'm Emmy's sister!

  4. Love. So fun to see this side of you. Thank you.

  5. It was peanuts. And lots of other food.

  6. I would choose Divine Design, Candace Olson too! Enjoying your Blog Emmy! xo