Friday, February 25, 2011

Dinner in for a Rainy Friday

It's raining here in Southern California.  And it's cold.  I realize that for those of you that live in the areas of the country that regularly see temperatures in the teens, 47 degrees may not seem cold.  But to a woman that was born and raised and still lives in Southern California... I'm freezing!

So what better than another Quick Fix Dinner Idea for a rainy Friday evening?

Today I am going to show you perhaps the quickest and easiest recipe I have:

Teriyaki Chicken and Noodles

What you will need:

Frozen Teriyaki Chicken from Costco
Egg Noodles
Parmesan Cheese
Lawry's Seasoning Salt

...that's it.

Boil water and add egg noodles.

Don't forget to add salt to your water.  You should always salt your pasta water, although I recently read somewhere {from a trusted source that I now cannot remember} that you should add it after you add the pasta.

Heat oil in a fry pan and add the frozen chicken.  {The box at Costco comes with the bags of chicken.  One is probably enough for two people... I always cook both.}

When the egg noodles are nearly finished your chicken should also be heated through.  Add the Teriyaki packets to the chicken pan.

Drain your noodles.  {I don't like to dirty extra dishes, so I don't bother with a strainer.}

Add butter,

Lots of parmesan,

and seasoning salt to the noodles.


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