Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here it is!  My very first What I Wore Wednesday

White cotton top from Nordstrom {$38}
Pink Tank from Nordstrom BP {$14}
Jeans by CAbi {$98}
Pinstripe Slip-ons by Roxy {$38}

Green 3/4 Cardie from Nordstrom BP {$24}
White Tee from Nordstrom BP {$20}
Skinny Jeans by Vigoss {$58}
Scarf from Nordstrom BP {$18}
Frencchh Boots by Steve Madden {gift... retail for $149}

Black Long Sleeve Henley from Old Navy {too old to remember}
Plaid Top from Nordstrom BP {gift}
Skinny Jeans by Vigoss {$58}
Black Scarf from Nordstrom BP {$15}
Linderr Boots by Steve Madden {gift... retail for $199}

I am realizing two things from this posting: {1} I shop at Nordstrom a lot. and {2} I like Steve Madden and am ever so grateful that people know that and give me his shoes.

Now, at the risk of sounding incredibly hoaky, I must say that while I find fashion fun and a great creative outlet, I also realize that this is extremely superficial.  The most important accessory that I try to put on everyday is a smile {wow... that really sounds incredibly hoaky}.  I just think that nothing makes you look and feel better that a good attitude.  Some days I fail {Marlo, Jen and Donna would attest to the fact that yesterday was one of those days... I had a printer tantrum again}.  But some days, even when I am feeling sad or stressed or frustrated, I remember what it makes me feel like to see other people smiling, and it reminds me to put on my best accessory {yellowing teeth and all}.  And you know what... it makes me feel better.


  1. i really like all of your jeans! and you do have very cute boots! i say keep it up! i knew that chaise would make it in the photos!!

  2. Those Vigoss Jeans look great on you!! Check out our new Look Book.