Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WIWW... I'm Trying!

Okay, so in my quest to be a more professional blogger I have decided that I should try my hand at What I Wore Wednesdays.  I have been trying really hard to remember to take photos of my outfits {thank goodness for my own personal 7-year-old photographer}, but now my camera is at my sister's house with all those silly photos on it.

So for this Wednesday I thought we could have What Kelly Wore Wednesday {which is much more interesting anyway, let's be honest}.

Donna and I recently found Kelly's Fashion Finder on Live with Regis and Kelly's website.  Every day after the show Kelly records a little video in her dressing where she talks about what she wore on the show that day.  Oh my goodness... we are kind of obsessed with it!  I was trying to find out where Kelly got an amazing cashmere and sequined sweater, and Donna wanted a to-die-for dress.  Too bad one pair of her shoes is worth more than an entire week of my outfits.  Oh well... a girl can dream, can't she???

Anyway, you must check it out.  Be inspired.  Maybe next Wednesday I will have my act together for my own WIWW.  Maybe.

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