Monday, June 14, 2010

An Amazing Weekend

This morning I am basking in the glow of God's glory.  

What an amazing weekend I had.

First of all, it is time to announce the winner of our Norah James Designs giveaway! chose...

Stephanie of Houghton Happenings as our winner!  Congratulations Stephanie... it looks like Maddox is getting a cute new shirt.  I will email you shortly.

If you didn't win, please go visit Norah James Designs and buy one of her darling creations.  I'm hoping I'll be able to buy the "Big Bro" one soon.  :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I had the best weekend.

On Saturday Nathan and I got to celebrate our dear friends
James and Sarah as they renewed their wedding vows.

I was privileged to get to help put this shin-dig together.
I designed their invitations:

And I helped Sarah and her mom Lynn set up Lynn's gorgeous backyard for the reception:

We had a blast with our friends:

Brooke and I actually got a decent picture together:

We even got a shot for our album cover, should we ever record one:

{And no, we did not coordinate our outfits.  We showed up at their house to pick them up and laughed.  The funny thing is... Brooke and I would normally have talked to death what we were planning to wear.  Lesson learned.}

I even got a new profile picture for Facebook:

Sarah was wearing some fabulous Louboutins:

It was a fantastic night:

And, just for your enjoyment... here are the outtakes of the evening:

As if that didn't bless our weekend enough... we had something else unbelievably incredible happen.

I told you Friday that we are working on starting the adoption process, but that we need to raise some funds in order to begin.  As I said, I am putting together a raffle to try to help us in this process.  
{You will not believe the amazing prizes that are going to be in these baskets, by the way.}

We figure that in total we will need about $5,000, but the most pressing need is for the $2,000 Home Study fee, because we cannot even begin the process until we have paid this fee.

Yesterday at church a friend heard our plans and felt moved to help us, and gave us $2,000 in cash.

{I have to insert here, I am listening to my itunes as I type this, and While I'm Waiting by John Waller just came on... couldn't be more appropriate.}

I am in tears as I type... so thankful that God has seen us fit to receive this blessing.  We have waited six years for this day, and today we begin our adoption.

I cannot wait to see how God blesses this raffle.  It is my hope that we will raise enough money to cover our costs and be able to pass some on to another family that is waiting for a baby.

So, in short... my weekend rocked!  How was your weekend?


  1. sounds like you had an incredible weekend with friends. I loved all of the pictures.

    Now to the tears and goosebumps at your story of God's faithfulness and generosity through others. I am so thankful for this family that said "yes" to God's prompting and offered you an amazing gift of so much more than money. I will be praying for this journey as you add a precious new life to your family.


  2. um. wow. you have some really great friends! it is such a blessing to see the people God has blessed with much, help those in the body when they need it!

    i got to put together trunks of goodies to go with a team from CBU who are going to east africa to visit some friends who left to be missionaries there 2 years ago. i had collected BAGS of stuff from people, and when i laid it all out on my dining table saturday night to "organize" it by category ... i started to cry. thinking of how valuable those simple things from "home" were to these precious people. how much they have sacrificed in the name of Jesus, and of how generous friends and family had been to them.

    i'm really, super glad you had a great weekend too!

  3. Yay, I'm so excited I won! What beautiful invitations. Looks like ya'll had tons of fun. Best of luck as you move forward with the adoption process. It seems as if God is truly working and helping everything come together.

  4. oh my goodness that is amazing about the adoption money! i am so happy for you that everything is coming together. i have a good feeling about the raffle :]

  5. I am absolutely in love with these pictures! You are gorgeous. The one of you and Brooke... I am stealing. I need to put it on my blog next time I share about the only two friends I have that are willing to drop everything and save my fanny! I love you.