Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Breakdown in the System

So sorry for the delay in posting today!  Between managing the packages of amazing goodies that are coming in for our raffle, digging through the pile of paperwork that needs to be completed for our Home Study, and getting a ton of orders over the weekend... I completely overlooked our giveaway for this week! 

I forgot to contact the vendor until this morning, and I have not heard back from her yet, so it looks like we may not have a giveaway this week.  Will you still love me?  Well, will you at least still read me?

Hopefully this will just make you anticipate the raffle with even more enthusiasm.  

I wanted to update you on a few more shops that have offered up donations for our raffle:


By the way, Brooke was trying to steal some of the prizes that came in today, but don't worry... I told her she was going to have to buy tickets just like everyone else. 

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