Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obession: Owls

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Remember the Luggage Tags that I made a little while back?  
They are now available for sale in my shop!

Lately I have been kind of obsessed with owls.  
Owls and birds.  

Except crows.  I hate crows.  I think they are demons.

Anyone out there pregnant?
I was thinking today about what a cute nursery you could make using an owl theme. 
You could paint a tree on the wall, use solids or simple patterns for your fabrics, and then fill the room with owls!

I would use these owls:

1. The Lily's Suit by Fong's Studio $22
2. Redwood Lovers Hoot Owls by buttercupbloom $30
3. Jack the Owl by Lil Sprout Knits $26
4. Love You Mommy Owl by Woolcrazy $16
5. Owl Bookend by I Sew Lucky $26
6. Pink and Brown Owl by Sew Lovely Handmade $15
7. Owl Sugar Birdie by Happy Sugar $25
8. Owl Measuring Tape by feltmates $20
9. Blue Owl Squishy by Citrus Sunshine $12
10. whoot whoot Plush Good Luck Owl Friend by BWinks $34
11. Lady Starla Willow Owl PDF Epattern Ebook by Snazzie Drawers $6.50
12. Small Knit Owl Wee-est Hoot-dalia by WoodsyWools $10
13. Edwin the Stuffed Owl by beesters $30
14. Hooter the Owl Pillow by Bed Buggs Boutique $20
15. Soft Owl Toy by Haley by Hand $45
16. Floral Nova lil Hoot by Manic Muffin Totes $40
17. Sweet Owl Plush by gush4plush $16
18. love owl pillow by bellamina $34
19. Stella and Stewart Owl Softies - PDF Pattern by retro mama $8
20. Audrey the Owl by Pink Sherbert $28
21. Baby Owl Grace by pinchface $12
22. Adopt a Friendly Owl by Pink Perch $13
23. Cher the Owl - Felt Key Ring by Red Marionette $10
24. Forest Owl by mymimi collection $18
25. Owl Doorstop by tree, root, and twig $20
26. Light Blue Owl Plushie by Carrot Fever $15
27. Helenna the Plush Fleece Owl  by Cats & Friends $18
28. Polka-Dot OWL Pillow by vintage green limited $22
29. Owen Owl Softie by Shady Lane Handmade $18
30. Owl by Lova Revolutionary $22

It would be perfectly reasonable to spend $631.50 on owls, right?

 Hoo, hoo else loves owls?


  1. Ok I would so spend 631.50 in owls if I could! Love knowing someone else is as crazy about owls as I am!
    Thanks for featuring my Lady Starla!
    Would love to do a giveaway with you sometime if you are interested on your blog!

  2. I LOVE Owls!!! Last year while I was pregnant with my daughter, I really wanted an owl themed nursery. Unfortunately there was no owl stuff out there until AFTER she was born. Now there is owl stuff EVERYWHERE!!

  3. I am with you on the owls! I LOVE them! We have some owl themed stuff picked up at estate sales and vintage stores and now they are everywhere... love it.

  4. I am in love with owls right now. I just bought the cutest Long chain gold necklace with a big owl at the bottom!!! I think owls are the new trend!!!!

  5. Emmy I too am partial to alittle bird ;)


  6. I'm a bird girl myself, but #2, #19 and #24 are so stinkin' cute, I just might become an owl lover!

  7. I am so glad that I'm not the only girl who Hoots for Owls! Thank you so much for creating this great posting - who knew that there were so many ways to "Say Owl"!! xoxo

  8. Right there with you on the owls! Love them so much I have a little Christmas tree just for my owl ornaments!

  9. ooooooowww OWLS! I have been in LOVE with owls for sometime now. If I start gettting freakishly excited in a store my husband just laughs and rolls his eyes because he knows I must have found just another owl that I cant live without! haha! If we have another baby I am totally doing an owl nursery! I love any woodland animals really, but I am with you on the crows...they scare me!