Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jomestic Doi

If I were ever to consider homeschooling {which I have nothing against... I just have no desire to do it myself} it would be during Junior High.

I think instead of torturing prisoners, we could just make them repeat Junior High over and over again.

I hated Junior High.

And I was actually relatively popular.

Okay, are you wondering where I am going with all this?

When I was in Junior High I had a friend named Lisa.
We were typical Junior High "friends".
We were nice to each other when it was convenient, we competed over other friends, we were snide at times.

In High School we basically went our separate ways.

Then a few years ago we ran into each other at a mutual friends' bridal shower.
We were both a little nervous {you know that feeling that sends you right back to the insecurity of adolescence?}, but it tuned out that neither of us was still a silly little Junior Higher!

I have really enjoyed reconnecting with her even more on Facebook.
She too is an uber-creative SAHM that loves Jesus.

She is an Interior Decorator, but I have been encouraging her for months to open an Etsy shop.

She finally did... introducing Jomestic Doi.  Isn't that a great name?

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family.
I am a wife of almost 10 years to a super-hottie, a mother to two precious boys (9 and 6 11/12) and a lover of Jesus.  I have an interior design business and am a professional seamstress.  I love to garden, sew, clean and craft.  I love people, I love making new friends and I will never stop laughing!  I am also crazy because I homeschool my kids, make my own laundry detergent, and drive a prius.

When and why did you start your business?
I started my "business" a few months ago at the prompting of my SIL who has a successful jewelry and events company.  Believe it or not, interior design can actually suck the creativity out of you.  I am not "successful" enough to make people give into what I want in my portfolio (and I like it that way!)  so I needed something to focus some of my creative energy on OUTSIDE of interior design.

 What is your favorite part about running your business?
Fabric.  anything that lets me go to the fabric store and gaze upon all the choices and then create something I love is "my favorite".  As we all know, when you are doing something you love it is never work!

 What is your biggest dream for your business?
 To be bigger than Martha ... or Emmy ... he hee.  I really just want women to be able to find joy in lovely things that aid them in their mundane, repetitive tasks as moms ... when I go grocery shopping, it really is fun to have my cute, reusable grocery bags.  They make me feel fancy and girl-y!  And environmentally responsible.

Lisa donated 3 reusable shopping bags.  
These items can be found in the All Grown Up basket.

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